BDX -2

Rechargeable screw driver - BDX - 2

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Very light in the palm-sized! Convenient to assemble furniture and everyday of the screw tightening scene.

Rotational speed: 180Min -1
Maximum screw tightening capacity: Wood screws 5mm
With a maximum tightening torque: 3.5N · m
charging time: 3 hours
mass: 350g
size: Length 150 × width 47 × height 125mm
  • Lightweight 350g • compact design
  • 6V lithium-ion battery (built-in 1,500mAh) adopted
  • White with LED2 lights light can also be used in a dim place
  • Forward and reverse, with a lamp you know the state of charge
  • 16 type with a bit

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